N.V. Fridman(1, 2), N.S. Linkova(1, 3), L.V. Bojko(2), M.A. Kacheli(4) 1-Saint Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, Dynamo pr., 3, Saint Petersburg, 197110, Russian Federation; 2-ArtMediJa LTD, Mytninskaya emb., 9, Saint Petersburg, 197198, Russian Federation; 3-Academy of postgraduate education of FMBA of Russia, Volokolamskoe Shosse, 91, Moscow, 125371, Russian Federation; 4-North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, Kirochnaya str., 41, Saint Petersburg, 191015, Russian Federation E-mail: [email protected]

The actual goal of molecular medicine is the search for effective and safe peptide bioregulators for applying in cosmetology. Elderly women now need the applying of innovative methods of cosmetology. It allows such persons to avoid the visible manifestation of skin aging. This is an important aspect of the psychological comfort and social activity of patients. The goal of this work is the investigation of the influence of short peptides and polypeptides complexes on the structural and functional peculiarities of the facial skin in elderly women. Material and methods. The research included 30 elderly women. All patients were divided into three groups. Patients of the 1st control group had electrophoresis with the physiological solution once a day for eight weeks. Women in the 1st base group had electrophoresis with KED, EDR, EDP, and EDG peptides. Patients in the 2nd base group had the same as in the 1st group and per os applying polypeptide complexes of the pineal gland, cartilage, and ovary. The authors investigated the influence of peptide on the epidermis and derma thickness. Results. The increase of derma echogenicity in patients of the 2nd and 3rs groups was found in ultrasound scanogramms. The combined applying of short peptides and polypeptides complexes was more effective than applying only short peptides. In the 3rd group, the increase of epidermis and derma thickness was found to increase by 38 and 15%, respectively. Conclusion. Obtained data shown high efficiency of KED, EDR, EDP, EDG tripeptides, and polypeptide complexes of ovary, cartilage, and pineal gland for skin histoarchitectonic restoration in elderly women.
tripeptides, polypeptide complexes, skin, ultrasound scan, elderly

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