Golubnichaya Olga

Scientific degree
    Doctor of Medicine

Academic title
    Professor (Germany, Bonn)

Work place and working position
    The Head of Department of Mol. Diagnostics, Radiological Clinic, Medical Faculty, Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn, Germany

Scientific interests
  • Early and predictive diagnostics
  • Personalized and molecular medicine
  • Biomedicine, microbiology, microbiology, virology
  • *omics
  • Development of innovative predictive-preventive and personalized methods of diagnostics and treating of diseases with the use of integrative (molecular, sub – and overcel l) technologies
  • Screening programms
  • Economical and ethic aspects of predictive, preventive personalized and person-centred medicine

Hirsch Index
  • Scopus — 14
  • Web of Science — 11

Publication number
  • 50 articles in European and American scientific journals, the author of the books (the list is bellow)
  • Books “Predictive Diagnostics and Personalized Treatment: Dream or Reality”, Editor: O. Golubnitschaja, “Nova Science Publishers”, New York, USA, 2009; “Personalised Medicine”, Editors: W. Niederlag, H.U. Lemke, O. Golubnitschaja, O. Rienhoff; in the Book-series “Health Academy”, 14th issue, Dresden 2010
  • Since 2011 - Editor-in-Chief of library “Advances in Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine”, Springer

Additional information
  • The creator of the theory of multi-level fingerprinting in medicine in specific characterization of pathology and predisposition to diseases
  • The author of the conception of predictive, preventive and personalized medicine (3PM) as integrative approach to early diagnostics, prophylaxis and target treating of common non-communicable diseases
  • The author and leader of international Projects in predictive, preventive and personalized and person-centred medicine
  • The author of original biomarkers systems
  • The author of patents No. IB02/00648, Title: Diagnostic method for glaucoma and No. EP 06115230.2, Title: Early diagnostics of secondary complications in Diabetes mellitus)
  • Secretary-General of the “European Association of Predictive, Preventive & Personalized Medicine (EPMA)” Editor-in-Chief, The EPMA Journal, BMC, UK
  • Member of the Boardin EUROPET (European Pediatric Thematic Network) responsible for “Molecular Diagnostics” section
  • Permanent participant of the International, European and National congresses on Laboratory Medicine (IFCC / EFCCLM) and Speaker in Radiology (ESR) and Personalised
  • Medicine, Healthcare. Invited expert of the EU-Commission (“Health”, Research&Innovation), the consultant of EU-Program “Horizon 2020”