A.O. Drobintseva, T.S. Kleimenova, V.O. Polyakova D.O. Ott Research Institute of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductology, Mendeleevskaya line, 3, Saint-Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation

Introduction. Kisspeptin, was originally identified as a protein suppressing metastasis, since it has the ability to inhibit the migration of melanoma cells. It was established that KISS1 / KISS1R has a significant impact on the process of puberty and regulates the reproductive function of the body. There are no studies that determine the role of this system in the EGE. Aim of the study. Rate expression of system kisspeptin (KISS1) and kisspeptin receptor (KISS1R) for external genital endometriosis (EGE) in endometrial tissue and endometrial heterotopias. Methods. For immunohistochemical study biopsis was taken from 30 patients with IEG II and III degree, the control group consisted of 15 patients, in which the endometrial pathology was excluded. Results. Immunohistochemical study of the endometrium and heterotopias found that KISS1/KISS1R expressed in patients and in the control group, but with different intensity. Conclusion. Further study of KISS1/KISS1R expression in endometrial tissue in normal and pathological conditions may be a promise for the development of new methods of molecular diagnostics and targeted therapy of gynecological diseases.
kisspeptins, kisppeptin receptor, external genital endometriosis, immunohistochemistry

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