Paltseva Ekaterina Mikhailovna

Scientific degree
    Doctor of Medical Sciences in clinical pathology — 14.03.10

Academic title
    Assistant professor

    The Russian Federation Government awards holder in the field of science and technology for young scientists (2009)

Work place and working position
    FSBI “Russian scientific center of surgery named by academic B.V.Petrovsky” RAMS. The head of anatomic pathology department II (immunohystochemistry)

Scientific interests
  • The searching of immunohystochemical markers for determination of prognosis of colorectal cancer and estimation of effectiveness of hematogenous metastasis chemotherapy
  • Investigation of molecular –biological features of arterial walls in different shapes of carotid arteries and searching of clinicopathologic correlations
  • Study of immunohystochemical features of gastric mucosa at portal hypertensive gastropathy

Hirsch Index
    RINC — 3

Publication number
  • 6 invention patents
  • 82 publications in national and foreign periodicals
  • 7 monographas
  • 5 study guide

Additional information
    Since 2011 till to the present day the member of editorial board of the Journal “Arkhiv patologii” (rus) {“Pathology archive”)