M.L. Zanaveskin, A. A. Mironova, A. M. Popov
Nano-, Bio-, Information and Cognitive Technologies (NBICS) Centre, Moscow, The National Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute»

Microfluidics can raise our sights in the biomedical area. This paper presents an overview of microfluidic systems (IFS), which is evidence of the urgency of this trend. The concept of development of the microfluidic system (MFS) and the technology of production corresponding devices has been considered. The importance of micro-channels fabrication and wafers surface processing, as well as the selection of materials for the manufacture of microfluidic chip channels has been established and corroborated. Such systems for delivery MFS solutions into a microfluidic device, as integrated and external pumps have been considered. Several basic applications MFS: research, biomedical, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), microsensorics, separation of particles and micro-reactors for mixing have been identified. Such applications as microfluidics for protein crystallization, synthesis and purification of radiopharmaceuticals, study of neural networks have been considered in more details
microfluidics system, microfluidics, protein crystallization, radiopharmaceuticals, neural networks